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Optima Market Report

Optima Market Report

An exclusive address in the center of downtown Scottsdale unlike anything you have ever seen before. Here are up to date information regarding the available units for sale, list of recently sold and comparable market analysis.

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Optima Camelview Village - Heighten Your Living Experience

Designed with the highest quality building materials, Optima Camelview Village is a cutting edge interpretation of its Scottsdale setting. The breathtaking integration of five residential buildings creates an entire luxury community at the gateway to Downtown Scottsdale. Optima Camelview Village is an exclusive address in the center of downtown Scottsdale unlike anything you have ever seen before, a turelu striking new Scottsdale residential construction.

Luxury living in downtown Scottsdale

Optima Camelview Village is a 700-unit mixed-use development built on a 13-acre site in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona. It consists of eleven interconnected, terraced, bridge-linked buildings built atop a 1,250-car underground garage, the roof of which is a 10-acre community park with meandering pedestrian paths. Built on a 30' by 30' structural bay with landscaped terraces cantilevering up to 20', the project creates a rich urban experience as no two buildings are the same.

The project is designed to blend urban and natural desert landscapes to create a dynamic, public, pedestrian friendly environment, integrate local contemporary architectural vernacular with the demands of high-density twenty-first century residential design, and integrate green roof design and technology to enhance human experiences and ecological stewardship providing landscaped space to every residence.

Available units for sale:

Here are the available units at this dynamic landmark.

What is under contract?

Units currently pending at Optima Camelview.

Lost opportunities!

Recently sold at Optima Camelview. Meet Mehran & Lisa

They have been marketing and selling at Optima for the past 6 years and very familiar with design, structure, location and all amenities that make this property unique and one of a kind. Please contact them to get latest updates or current value of your unit. Mehran Parsai 480-980-2244, Lisa Roberts 480-232-3291

Why Choose Mehran & Lisa to Market Your Condo?

Their marketing works. This year average days on market at Optima is 118 days but they have sold ALL our listings in LESS than 60 days. Here is their year to date production at Optima Camelview:, Sold in 7 days
7131/4002, Sold in 3 days
7157/4009, Sold in 46 days
7151/6005, Sold in 26 days
7131/5010, Sold in 54 days
7157/5001, Sold in 53 days
7161/1011, Sold in 7 days

7127/2009, Sold in 28 Days

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Market Statistics for Optima's Neighborhood, Zip Code 85251

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